Greg Tarlin Not Bad At All
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Greg Tarlin

Greg Tarlin is a professional variety entertainer.

Greg makes his living by performing several different shows.

He also works off stage as a roving character.

He's most famous for his talent as a juggler, but he's got many other skills as well.

His performances have taken him back and forth across his home country of Canada and to much of the rest of the world.

Instead of always trying to book a standard show, Greg will try to find out what you want and what you need. Everyone has different entertainment needs. Do you need 2 minutes of mystery to set a mood on stage? Do you need 30 minutes of comedy to follow dinner? Do you need a catchy and novel way to pass along a customized corporate or sales message? Do you need something completely different?

Some clients already have an elaborate stage, sound, and lighting system at an event, and they just need talent for the stage. Other clients have nothing at all and they need someone who can come in and make it all happen. Still others aren't sure what they need, but they want to talk to someone who will be open, honest, and full of suggestions for them.

That's Greg. He's not bad at all.

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