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Spin CycleThe Spin Cycle show features Greg, cool and sophisticated, wowing the audience with the skills that earned him the title of Canadian Juggling champion and showcasing his talent with yo yos, unicycles, ball spinning and more. On the flipside is Kristi, attempting to find out what she should be if she grows up. Her attempts include conducting (featuring a bell ringing routine with children from the audience), ballroom dancing (with two life-sized puppets), synchronized swimming (this one has to be seen to be believed) and ballet (on stilts), to name a few. In the end, the two of combine their talents and learn that they're much better working together! Over the years, Greg and Kristi have collaborated on numerous productions (see following pages about some of their other work) as well as pursuing their own solo careers. Spin Cycle is the show that pulls the best of these routines into a rocking one hour performance for family audiences.

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